Mangosteen a magic fruit

Mangosteen a magic fruit

Mangosteen is a round, purple tropical fruit from South East Asia. It has a white pulp wrapped in segments like an orange. It is usually eaten fresh as a dessert or made into jams as any other fruit.
Nevertheless, the rind has been used for medical purposes to cure diarrhea ans different infections.It is also been used as a powder to treat skin disorders such as eczema.
Recent studies have been conducted and demonstrated that mangosteen contains a high level of xanthones, anti oxydants able to improve immune system. It has anti-viral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.
Therefore, mangosteen has become popular via its medicinal properties and healthful characteristics.
It can maintain a strong immune system, a healthy digestive and respiratory system, neutralize free radicals. It can sustain healthy body functions.
The fruit including rind and pulp is pureed to make fruit juice used as a supplement. It is sold in health food stores or via internet.
No serious negative effects have been reported but as with all plants, be careful and ask professionals for advice ( especially in case of medical treatment).
Warning! There could exist dubious marketing practices so, just buy quality products. It is important that your mangosteen supplement is manufactured in the best way.
Consult books and internet sites for more details.
Thus, have a good health cocktail!

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